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In June 2020, My Petite Box was excited to introduce Tea Shop YYC!

Tea Shop YYC rolls into markets in a 1973 Volkswagen Van, serving a variety of tea, infusers, tea paraphernalia and vintage tea ware. They have a selection of ethically sourced tea, hand crafted house blends and exceptional estate teas at the ready! Queer owned and operated, they are dedicated to serving great tea at affordable prices! 

The Owner, Jayson, acquired a passion for tea and all things vintage at a young age from his grandparents. His Nana had over 80 tea pots in her collection, and Sunday mornings were spent with his Grandfather drinking earl grey all while enjoying coronation street. Travel led him to explore other cultures and was often welcomed with tea in every household he visited. From London to Bangkok, Jayson has enjoyed a variety of tea, and holds Masala Chai in the highest regard.

The box includes the following products:

  • 1 Sample of Killer Queen
  • 1 Sample of Breakfast Club
  • 1 Sample of Victor / Victoria
  • 1 Sample of Peachy Kween
  • 1 Sample of Stay Gold Pony Boy
  • 1 Sample of Sensuale Chai
  • 1 – 1000 Day Flowering Tea
  • 1 Ceramic Figurine
  • 10 Tea bags
  • 1 Sticker
  • 1 Coupon to get 15% off on your next order on Tea Shop YYC website

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