Kranks Gourmet Box


In October, My Petite Box was delighted to feature Kranks Gourmet jellies.

What a perfect way to get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Kranks Gourmet is based in Strathmore and their journey had an unexpected beginning. After tasting a sample of homemade habanero pepper jelly at a friend’s house during a Christmas party, they couldn’t get enough so they set out to make their own. After many batches of un-set jelly and frustration, they finally perfected it and began to experiment with different flavors, including their now ever popular Apple Pie Pepper Jelly.

The box includes the following products:

– 1 Apple Pie Pepper Jelly 250ml Jar

– 1 Rhubarb Pepper Jelly 250ml Jar

– 1 Cranberry Sage Pepper Jelly 250ml Jar

– 1 Habanero Pepper Jelly 125ml Jar

– 1 Coupon to get 20% off any of our 250ml jars of Kranks Gourmet Jellies (spicy or sweet), on Kranks website.

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