Give as a Gift Give as a Gift

Pick the best gift for your loved one!

You’ll pay the full amountĀ up frontĀ (including taxes and shipping).

There is no automatic renewal on gift plans.

You have until the last day of each month to place your order and get the box of the following month.

left to get the box of this month

Offer our next box to a friend, family member or any one else, the perfect gift

1 Month

One occasion = one gift.
Send your friend, family member or
anyone else the next surprise box!
$35 + tax and shipping

Shipping costs are as follows:

$10 + tax per month for Calgary

$12 + tax per month for anywhere in Alberta outside of Calgary

$15 + tax per month for anywhere in Canada, outside of Alberta

We offer free pickup from our location in Acadia in Calgary when you select the pickup option at checkout!

All prices are in CAD.